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Technical Specifications
  • Shark UL - a high-performance European UL with retractable gear, smaller wing and variable-pitch propeller.
Shark UL is designed and tested for a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg.

Designed according to European UL and US Light Sport Aircraft criteria. Composite low-wing design with classic tail and tandem seating.

Model trupuSTRUCTURE
Glass-fibre and carbonfibre/epoxy airframe, with PVC foam and aramid honeycomb core in sandwich panels. Monocoque fuselage with integral fin has integrated arm rests, seat backs, floors and instrument panels. Composite wing with carbon-fibre main spar and an auxiliary spar carrying flap levers and aileron hinges has 60 % of the trailing edge occupied by powerful single-slotted flaps. Wings and horizontal tail can be quickly detached for transportation or storage.

Mechanically actuated control surfaces with electric trim tab on the elevator and electrically actuated flaps.

Predný podvozokShark UL has tricycle type retractable undercarriage with steerable 13x4" nose wheel and 14x4” main wheels with hydraulic disc brakes.

One 75 kW/100HP Rotax 912ULS flat-four engine with variable-pitch composite propeller. Integral fuel tanks in wings, capacity 100 litres.

A completely upholstered two-seat tandem cockpit with adjustable seats has full dual controls – with sidesticks on the right and throttles and flap levers on the left panels. Elevator trim tab is controlled by electric switch on the sidestick. Instrument panels with standard EFIS/EMS displays for both pilots are complete with the classic fuel gauges, transceiver, transponder and GPS and secondary airspeed indicators and altimeters. The single-piece cockpit canopy opens to starboard and is supported by gas struts. Baggage space aft of seats.

Aircraft model:Shark UL
Wing span7.9 m
Length6.85 m
Wing area9.5 m²
EngineRotax 912ULS - 75 kW (100 HP)
Empty weight275 kg
Max. take-off weight480 kg
Max. permissible speed VNE333 km/h
Max. cruising speed VH290 km/h
Optimum cruising speed250 km/h
Stall speed, clean80 km/h
Stall speed, full flaps64 km/h
Max. climb rate at the MTOW7.2 m/s
Fuel capacity100 litres
Fuel consumption economy flight15 l/hour
Maximum load factor +4/-2, max. ultimate +6/-3